About RW International

RW International is an importer, exporter, and distributor of meat and poultry products, providing Halal meats to communities throughout the United States. Founded by Harry Weinstein in 1948, RW Meats started as a meat importer focused on trading. Today it is run by Randy Weinstein, a third-generation meat distributor who has grown the business into one of the nation's largest importer and distributors of Halal meats. We are committed to supplying the highest quality meats to all of our customers.

Randy Weinstein has 30 years in the meat business and started working under his father in 1977 with Weinstein International. Since then Randy has become president of RW International and has been exporting meat to Mexico for over 20 years. Randy oversaw the shift from exportation to distribution and has focused on growing the distribution of Halal meat across the country. Randy began selling Halal Meat 12 years ago with one product to one customer and today RW International is proud to offer over 40 different Halal items nationwide. RW International is proud to offer both domestic and imported Halal meat to both wholesalers and end-users.